Rose Chair2012, gouache on paper

Green Chair, 2012, gouache on paper

Studio Door, 2012, pastel on paper

French Jug, , 2012, gouache on paper

Dot's Chair, 2012, conte crayon on paper


A Voluptuous Economy, 2012, gouache on paper

Three Greens, 2012, gouache on paper

Many of the objects in this show have been around me for a long time and others just seemed so. The drawing of them made them new, transformed them and released that potential that all objects have to reciprocate our experience of the world. From such ordinary beginnings the paintings began, over time, to offer up a feast of ideas and also to insist on a type of exuberance – even humour.

“A voluptuous economy” is how Leonard Cohen, the poet, singer and songwriter described his affection for his three bowls after years in a Zen monastery. It seemed like a great line to steal.

Marvene Ash