Bunya 2, 2011, gauche on rag paper

Studio Door (to Bails) , 2013, Guache on Paper

Studio Door (to Bails), 2013, Guache on Paper

Kitchen to Studio 2, 2013, gouache on paper

Kitchen to Green Gate 2, 2013, gouache on paper

Rafters 12013, gouache on paper

Bunya 12013, gouache on paper

Forest Red Gum, 2013, gouache on paper

Hoop Pine, 2013, gouache on paper

Garden Gate , 2013, gouache on paper

Garden Gate, 2013, gouache on paper

South Side (cosmos and salvia), 2013, gouache on paper

Cattle Ramp and Books2013, gouache on paper

Rafters 3, 2013, gouache on paper

Brush Box, 2014, gouache on paper


White Beech, 2013, gouache on paper


Flame Tree, 2013, gouache on paper

South Side (the Bails), 2013, gouache on paper

“The Bails”, on Witham Road, Maleny, is one of the many big sheds that were built on dairy properties during the last century. It is a pragmatic structure of rough-sawn local hardwoods, cement and galvanised iron which dates from 1920 when it was built by Charlie Dixon and his wife May (nee McCarthy).

Having been the home of the Davies’ family for over 30 years, the Bails has evolved into an eccentric mix of cowshed and our (often futile) attempts at gentrification. With questions now being raised as to the buildings future, I began making a record of its structure and character.

These works led me to look with renewed interest at the local trees whose timbers are extensively represented in the building’s rafters, beams and weatherboard cladding as well as in the handmade doors, furniture and detailing that my husband, Jonathan Davies, made in the 1980′s.

These two themes – the building and the trees that supplied its timbers – comprise the work of this show.

Marvene Ash April 2014